Politics Is Local


Numerous national demonstrations surfaced in response to the presidential election and recent executive orders, profoundly impacting human awareness both nationally and abroad. In no uncertain terms, whatever the issues, demonstrators are peacefully highlighting and demanding “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”. Upon witnessing the strength, determination, and power of the American people, a show of respect is returned from the world, as they recognize our work in rebuilding our democracy.

Further fueled by the united front, demonstrators and those progressively influenced, return to their communities to highlight, format, and organize points of contention into action items. Organizing happens locally.

Upon seeing the discrepancies between exit polls and actual primary and election results, many progressives became poll workers. The recognition that poll workers and election administrators can clearly commit fraud by rigging votes, not counting or destroying ballots, allowing illegal votes, and generally tampering with ballots, boosted these citizens into action.

To counter corporatists who fill state legislatures and county seats with fellow sympathizers, progressives are locally organizing in support of aligned candidates for city, county, state, and national elections. The mission statement that Progressive Massachusetts sets forth explains: “We organize around progressive issues in Massachusetts, help elect and support progressive candidates for public office who are committed to making a difference on these issues, and hold elected officials accountable to progressive positions and values.”


In response to the court-supported ‘decree’ of Citizens United that corporations are ‘people’, local communities have worked tirelessly to get money out of local politics. Civic efforts continue, while citizens also pressure for a constitutional amendment that overturns the legality of money in politics. Increasingly, citizen support and demands have encouraged local candidates, such as Ken Chiarella of Monroe NJ, to run on a platform of taking money out of local politics.

And within our local communities, El Cerrito Progressives are encouraging the City of El Cerrito to concretely support immigration and immigrants by officially declaring itself a Sanctuary City.

Organizing locally shows would-be supporters that progressives are serious about realizing change. Possibly due to public initiative, Twitter and Netflix are filing a brief opposing the Trump immigration order. Backing from progressively aligned influencers significantly increases as they detect coordinated citizen actions on solidly viable issues.

While partnering with local governments to promote and support pubic interests, progressives are organizing to continuously make civic inroads into reviving American democracy.

Politics is local.

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