Health Care in El Cerrito and Contra Costa County

El Cerrito residents are health oriented. However since the closing of Doctors Hospital, hospital services in El Cerrito and West Contra Costa County are sorely lacking.


Kaiser Permanente Richmond Medical Center is a prime membership hospital. But membership is costly for a significant number of El Cerrito residents.

The West County Health Center, while not a full hospital, provides a routine and preventive health care service that focuses on many health needs. But health care at the Center does not include emergency care, in-depth care, or surgical/ICU services.


Planned Parenthood at the El Cerrito Health Center, El Cerrito Plaza, provides certain women’s health services, again with no emergency care.

Evidently at this writing, the latter two facilities are the only evidence of publicly available health care in El Cerrito or West Contra Costa County. Alta Bates Medical Center in Oakland appears to be the closest access to full hospital services.

Medical care, mental health care, and emergency dental care are just a few health challenges El Cerrito residents may meet in their lifetimes. Much of our population is aging and therefore in need of hospitals that extensively cover geriatric services. In addition, national statistics show that 75% of healthcare needs stem from diabetes, obesity, heart disease, lung disease, high blood pressure, and cancer. These ailments not only accelerate the need for hospital dietitians, but can require immediate or future hospital-level care.

We at El Cerrito Progressives therefore advocate strongly for a county hospital or medical center that can house and care for emergency and extreme acute care patients, as well as provide dynamic services in disease diagnostics and treatment analysis for a variety of physical conditions.



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