Help El Cerrito Progressives Support SB54, the California Values Act

CA Values Act

Thank Sen. Lara for supporting the California Values Act.

Call Members of the California Senate Appropriations Commitee to Show Your Support for SB 54:

Sample Script:
“Hello, my name is _________ and I would like ask _________ to support the California Values Act, SB 54. The California Values Act just passed the Senate Appropriations Committee and it is heading to the Senate floor for a vote. The bill will ensure that most state and local resources are not used to further mass deportations. The California Values Act will uphold our core principles of equal treatment, community, and compassion. Thank you.”

All Senators need to hear from you, but especially if you’re constituents of these Senators/districts:
Senator Galgiani (Modesto) – @SenatorGalgiani (916-651-4005)
Senator Glazer (Contra Costa) – @Steve_Glazer (916-651-4007)
Senator Newman (North Orange County) – @SenatorNewmanCA (916-651-4029)
Senator Portantino (North Los Angeles County) – @Portantino (916-651-4025)
Senator Roth (Riverside) – @GeneralRoth (916-651-4031)
Senator Stern (Los Angeles – San Fernando Valley) – @HenrySternCA (916-651-4027)

Thank you El Cerrito residents for all your support!

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