Calling Progressives and Progressive Organizations: Letter-Writing Drive for the Dignity Not Detention Act (SB 29)

Immigration Information Center.jpeg

Immigrant Legal Resource Center is collecting letters of support for the Dignity Not Detention Act (SB 29), which will go before the CA Senate Judiciary Committee next week. If any of your organizations are interested in submitting a letter, please see below.
The Dignity Not Detention Act (DnD) would:
1) Stop local government from being complicit in the creation and renewal of certain contracts with for-profit immigration detention facilities
2) Make the currently unenforceable national immigration detention standards the law in California and provide additional protections for detained LGBTQ immigrants, and
3) Allow the state to enforce violations of these protections.
The links below show two SB 29 fact sheets and the sample letter you will complete. If your organizations are able to send in a letter of support, please send them ASAP to:
Nikki Marquez
Immigrant Legal Resource Center
Law Fellow/Attorney
Immigrant Legal Resource Center
1663 Mission Street, Suite 602 | San Francisco, CA 94103
We need to submit letters for the committee hearing by tomorrow morning, 03/22/2017. Please also share with your allies who may be interested in submitting a letter. For questions contact Nikki Marquez, Immigration Legal Resource Center.

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