The Courage Campaign: Calling All California Progressives to Support the Affordable Care Act!

Courage_Logo_ColorThe Affordable Care Act (ACA) is in deep trouble. You know that.

The bill to repeal the ACA is flying through Congress and could be voted on by the entire House as early as the end of the week. Meanwhile, the Congressional Budget Office forecasts that an additional 24 million people will lose health care under the Trump administration’s proposed plan. Plus, we know it will endanger every Californians health care; promising limited plans, narrower networks, and increased insurance rates and health care costs for all.

In partnership with SEIU and Health Access, Courage is planning actions over the next few weeks to make it clear that Californians demand their reps stand up to Trump and vote to protect the ACA. At the same time, we’re also working to pass a bill to guarantee health care for ALL Californians. The Healthy California Act would contain rising health care costs, and, most importantly, save lives. This legislation is moving quickly and we need to come together to educate our fellow Californians about this bill and let our elected officials know that we want single-payer NOW!

We’re calling for statewide house parties on Saturday, April 1 in cities and towns across California to bring together friends, family and neighbors to build awareness and support for single-payer.

Will you help lead the fight for single-payer in California and host a house party on April 1? Click here to create your event.

Never hosted a house party before? No worries! Courage Campaign will provide you with all the guidelines and materials you need to have a successful event. Can’t host on April 1? Don’t fret, we want to have as many parties on that day as we can, but if you can host another day that week (between April 1 and April 10), that works too. Set up your event today

Under single-payer, California would negotiate prices for services and prescriptions with providers, pharmaceutical companies, and others. Every resident would be covered and have more choice. Health care funds would be pooled in a publicly run fund, using the bargaining power of California’s global economy. And if all goes as planned, prescription drug costs would be managed, and out-of-control co-pays and high deductibles would disappear.

Updates on the Healthy California Act are coming up every week. And with the whole country watching, it could face it’s first committee as early as mid-April. If health care for all passes here, we’ll set an example that will spread to other states.

Now is the time for California to show we can guarantee health care for all while saving billions and eliminating copays. Host a single-payer house party to inform other Courage members and your community how we can fight for the Healthy California Act.

Barbara, this is not the first time California has tried to make single-payer a reality. Our state legislature passed a single-payer bill in 2006, but it was vetoed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. It was passed and vetoed again in 2008.

This time around, the energy and moment is here. With the health of millions at risk, California has the chance to both fight back against the threats to the ACA and model what is possible to the rest of the nation. The power to capitalize on this opportunity is in your hands.

Together, we can resist Republican attacks on health care reform just like we’ve resisted Trump’s Muslim ban and immigration policies. Create your event today!

Thank you for joining the fight for health care for all!

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