Housing Challenges in El Cerrito


El Cerrito City officials and housing specialists, are concerned about the need for more affordable housing in our City, and are sharing ideas with a number of residents on developing housing that more residents can better afford.

The Bay Area in general faces a housing crisis, with less than 200 new housing units available per 1,000 residents.

Many factors contribute to the local housing crisis. including shortage of land in residential areas and high construction costs.  However space is available within downtown and transit areas.

Read more on housing in El Cerrito here: EAST BAY TIMES


One thought on “Housing Challenges in El Cerrito

  1. I wrote to a council member and the mayor encouraging them to consider more below market for retired professionals, and not just low income. Federal guidelines are below 25,000 to live in low income housing. Others are being priced out of the area. As a retired person, I think in a few years I will be as well.


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