MOVI Supporting SB 562 – Healthy California Act


MOVI, Money Out Voters In, supports SB 562 – Healthy California Act with the following statements, information, actions, and a request to call members of the SENATE HEALTH COMMITTEE:

“The California Senate Health Committee is the first hurdle SB 562, the Healthy California Act, must leap on its way to becoming the law of California. 

From MOVI‘s perspective the inability to adopt sound, sane and humane policies, locally, nationally, and internationally is a function of the corporate capture of our government and the outsized role that big money plays.  Health care policy is one of the most easily seen examples of this.

Some members of the Senate Health Committee have not declared how they will vote.  They need to hear from you today.  They are:

California Senate Health Committee: (916) 651-4111

Janet Nguygen’s District Office, Vice Chair – 916-651-4034

Jim Neilsen’s District Office – 916-651-4004

Richard Roth’s District Office – 916-445-2125

Call these Senators Now!  If you can only make one call, call Vice Chair Nguygen.  But please, call all three.  (If you happen to live in SD 34, Nguygen, or SD 4, Neilsen,  or SD 31, Roth identify yourself as a constituent.)

Tell them why they should vote YES on SB 562, The Healthy California Act  (click for bill text) We each have our own reasons why a “universal coverage” or “single payer” or “Medicare for all” system, as this policy is variously called, is the correct policy for California.

What’s your reason for supporting SB 562? 

  • Is it that you believe access to health care is a human right and should not be denied to California residents based on economic status?
  • Is it because the gross economic inefficiencies and inequities of the current system disproportionately favor insurance corporations and the pharmaceutical industry at the expense of individual Californians?
  • Is it because you believe that no Californian should be plunged into poverty or bankruptcy because they get sick – and that no healthy society would force a choice between, for example, paying rent and seeking medical help?
  • Is it a public health and safety issue for you?  Do you believe that California will be strengthened and protected by a public health policy which includes all of its residents rather than excluding our most vulnerable segments of society?
  • Or is it all of the above and more?

Longtime MOVI friend and Co-Chair of the Healthy California Committee, Dr. Paul Song, was published yesterday in the Huffington Post with a piece called California’s Golden Healthcare Opportunity.  It’s a quick and illuminating read.  The picture he paints of our current system, is by the numbers, frankly embarrassing.  We are better than this.”

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