Regrettably, The El Cerrito Senior Center Is Closing

El Cerrito Senior Center

Parents of Fairmont Elementary School students witnessing School’s need for expansion are actively appealing to the West Contra Costa school district to broaden the area for School construction and activities, thereby extending School grounds into the present location of the City’s Open House Senior Center.

The school district owns the land upon which the Senior Center now stands, and intends to occupy the land for the expansion of Fairmont School after June 30th, when the $1/year, 10-year lease agreement with the City expires.

The parents of Fairmont School students are however recommending that West Contra Costa extend the Senior Citizen Center lease for 1 year to allow time for the City to secure another location for senior citizen assistance programs and activities, while also allowing a period to upgrade the existing structure for use by Fairmont School.

By incorporating the present Senior Center into use by Fairmont School, parents foresee expanding space for learning and student activities, as well as increasing parking for teachers.

For more information on the closing of the Open House Senior Center, please see The EAST BAY TIMES: Parents eye senior center to relieve crowded El Cerrito campus.


3 thoughts on “Regrettably, The El Cerrito Senior Center Is Closing

  1. Appreciate your coverage of the equity issues involved in an overcrowded public school (majority students of color and low-income) needing to occupy space it already owns; however the headline is not quite accurate as nobody is suggesting that the City’s valuable senior programs end even when the building returns to the school use for which it was originally built. The City of El Cerrito has plenty of time to relocate its senior programming to other temporary locations the City already owns, including the Castro Clubhouse and the vacant lot on San Pablo near the police/fire station. It does not look good, through a progressive, equity lens for the richest incorporated city in the entire school district to be protesting against 550 children who have no other options for space. The City has lots of options but is digging in; its citizens should be encouraging the City Council to gracefully accept the one-year extension, and make plans for temporary accommodations beginning July 1, 2018. Thank you again for raising awareness of this injustice.


  2. The City Council has been aware of the school district’s situation with 19 schools needing major repairs or rebuilding! The city representatives made an unreasonable expectation of taking over the old Portola campus to rebuild the library & senior Center! And now due to their poor decision making, they are making Seniors & our young students pitted against each other! Our City council needs to do better planning for All Groups & not expect such enormous discounts that take away precious school property! School property is for students!Our public schools are already dealing with charter schools wanting properties & now this?? It’s time for the El Cerrito City Council “To Let It Go!” about taking over school properties & for them to start negotiating deals for some of these empty buildings for a new library & senior center! Fairmont Families are tired of the school district & city councils plans that don’t include the needs of our young children!


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