Great News! Tenant Found For Large Commercial Vacancy in El Cerrito


El Cerrito Progressives has learned that, according to planner Sean Moss, a major commercial vacancy will soon be filled in El Cerrito. 24-Hour Fitness, based in San Ramon, has submitted a permit application to the El Cerrito Planning Department to open a gym in the former Safeway store at San Pablo Ave. & Moeser Lane.

The Safeway store at this location has been closed since August of 2011, leaving the CVS Pharmacy as the main hub. Safeway, which has a long-term lease on the property will sublet the location to 24-Hour Fitness, filling one of the City’s larger mercantile vacancies.

Source article: EAST BAY TIMES: Tenant finally found for large commercial vacancy in El Cerrito

Author: jmelange

I am a writer living in the Bay Area, California.

2 thoughts on “Great News! Tenant Found For Large Commercial Vacancy in El Cerrito”

    1. I read on El Cerrito Nextdoor this morning that construction was happening. The post showed 2 pictures that seemed to include construction equipment. The pictures were close-ups that didn’t show the location. When I drove past the site today I didn’t notice any improvement or activity.


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