California Senate Bans Drug Manufacturers From Giving ‘Gifts’ To Doctors

CA-No Gifts To Doctors

The big pharma-perpetuated system of donating ‘gifts’ to doctors is considered to be a main contributor to the national painkiller epidemic responsible for 91 people dying every day from opioid overdose. Unsealed court documents show that since the 90s certain pharmaceutical companies have conducted a major push to sell opioids thru incentives to physicians.

Recognizing this trend, the California State Senate has voted to ban drug manufacturers from using gifts to motivate into prescribing their products.

Sent to the Assembly by the Senate in a vote of 23-13, the new law would require pharmaceutical companies to publicly disclose any money given to doctors or medical staff.

With this Senate vote, modeled after a 2000 Vermont law, California will move towards joining eight other states and the District of Columbia in passing laws to limit drug company gifts.

For more information on the California State Senate vote against incentivizing opioid sails, see: MintPress News: California Votes To Ban Drug Manufacturers From Giving ‘Gifts’ To Doctors, the source of this information.

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