Senator Kamala Harris Supports Medicare-For-All

Kamala Harris supports single payer

OAKLAND – At a town hall held Wednesday, August 30th, in Oakland’s Beebe Memorial Cathedral, Senator Kamala Harris announced her support for Medicare-For-All. The U.S. senator from California stated to the town hall audience, “I intend to co-sponsor the Medicaid-for-All bill,” in reference to Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ Medicare-For-All proposal.

As stated in a previous El Cerrito Progressives blog, as well as in a number of other information resources, SB  562 The Healthy California Act that would have provided health care for all in California, was ‘tabled’ by the California Assembly. The national Medicare-For-All single-payer push is a reassurance that the effort towards universal health care is ‘alive and kicking’, with Senator Harris’ support giving California a certain influence in the proposal.

Garnering a high level of popular support, single-payer has become one of the key issues in the progressive movement. By supporting Senator Sander’s Medicare-For-All proposal, Senator Harris joins more than half of Democrat House members, including Rep. John Conyers of Michigan. Democratic senators Elizabeth Warren and Kirsten Gillibrand of New York have also supported single-payer.

For more information on Senator Kamala Harris’ support of Medicare-For-All see THE MERCURY NEWS: Sen. Kamala Harris announces support for ‘Medicare-for-All’ bill article from which a majority of this information was derived.

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