Latest Progress on the California Disclosure Act (AB 249)

california clean money action fund

Trent Lange, President and Executive Director of the California Clean Money Action Fund has  this message concerning new progress with the California Disclosure Act:

AB 249, the California DISCLOSE Act — our game-changing bill to fight Dark Money by making political ads show who’s really paying for them, passed the Senate Appropriations Committee Friday on a 5-2 vote.  That means AB 249 will be going to the Senate floor with a chance to pass the full legislature in less than 2 weeks!

This was a huge victory that came only after two months during which thousands of Clean Money supporters like you demanded that AB 249 get its hearings and votes and more than 100 of you packed the Senate Elections committee.

The leadership of AB 249 author Assemblymember Kevin Mullin and Senate President pro Tem Kevin de Leon (now a principal coauthor of AB 249!), along with other principal coauthors Senators Ben Allen, Jerry Hill, and Henry Stern, has put us within striking distance of passing the strongest disclosure law in the nation.  But AB 249 requires a two-thirds vote to pass, so there isn’t a vote to spare.

[The challenge is now is] to pass the final Senate floor vote and then pass the Assembly floor by September 15!

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