Governor Brown Signs California into Sanctuary

Governor Brown signs state sanctuary bill

With a stroke of his pen, Governor Jerry Brown launched the bill that creates the statewide policy of sanctuary in California. Heightening protections for undocumented residents throughout the state, the bill addresses national policies that promote increased deportation of immigrants.

Governor Brown signed the bill on the day acceptance of immigrant requests for a two-year extension in the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) program expired.

The governor also signed 10 additional bills that relate to immigration, limiting the growth of detention centers, while expanding education services for immigrants and extending tenant and workplace protections for undocumented residents.

State sanctuary prevents local jails from forming any contracts with the federal government to house detainees or hold immigrants for any reason once they’re cleared for release on criminal cases. Governor Brown noted the new laws will safeguard the policy that “hardworking people who contribute to our state are respected.”

Although the sanctuary bill states California will not use its own law enforcement resources to help in the actions of federal immigration arrests and/or deportations, California law will not go against Immigration and Customs Enforcement or the Department of Homeland Security enforcing federal immigration laws.

The Sanctuary bill, providing wide-range protections for undocumented residents passed by any state, goes into effect January 1.

For more information on Governor Brown’s signing of the bill to make California a sanctuary state, refer to: SFGATE: Gov. Brown signs bill making California a sanctuary state, from which this information was derived.

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