California’s Burning!!

California Burning

Thankfully California’s Governor Brown has insight into the dangerous impacts of climate change, as he vigorously pushes for policies to alleviate further environmental destruction.

Extreme environmental destruction is currently exhibited by the ongoing California wildfires. Officials have yet to decipher the cause of the Northern California inferno. But they do have a fairly firm handle on what has made the fires so destructive. The blame is placed on winds strong enough to the knock down power lines, seriously dry conditions, large amounts of dry brush and material, and long periods of drought that have combined to cause the conflagration of close to two dozen connected fires. This summer was California’s hottest on record. Even San Francisco hit 106 degrees on Sept. 1 during a statewide heat wave.

Fast-moving fires burn across remote and mountainous areas, as well as throughout suburban communities. More than 3,500 homes, businesses, and additional structures have burned to the ground. In Santa Rosa, the Napa-Sonoma-Lake counties’ Tubbs fire actually leaped across the 101 Freeway. Thursday October 12th, the latest CNN report counted 31 deaths with over 400 people missing.

“These kinds of catastrophes have happened and they’ll continue to happen.” Gov. Jerry Brown observed at a news briefing Wednesday. “That’s the way it is with a warming climate, dry weather and reducing moisture.”

More information on the California Wildfires is available at THE LOS ANGELES TIMES Editorial: The climate-change fire alarm from Northern California, from which the bulk of this information was derived.

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