AFL-CIO Supports Medicare for All!

AFL-CIO MedicareForAll

In case you hadn’t heard ….

Hailed by National Nurses United, the AFL-CIO endorsed Medicare for All and adopted a resolution to support the proposed legislation. At its convention in St. Louis on Tuesday, October 24th the national trade union declared,“… we will support legislation that guarantees health care as a human right through an improved Medicare for All.”

Spearheaded by a unanimous vote, the resolution continued to state that the Medicare for All healthcare system “must guarantee everyone can get the health services they need without exclusions or financial barriers to care.” To ensure that end, the AFL-CIO vowed to summon its affiliates and constituents towards accomplishing a victory for a Medicare for All approach to healthcare.

Contained within the AFL-CIO resolution is the Medicare for All resolution by National Nurses United in tandem with the Amalgamated Transit Union, American Postal Workers Union, Association of Flight Attendants, American Federation of Government Employees, California School Employees Association, International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, United Auto Workers, International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers, and Utility Workers Union of America.

Sponsoring the resolution are also the state AFL-CIO labor federations of California, Maine, South Carolina, Vermont, Massachusetts, Washington State, and a number of other local labor councils.

The proposed resolution was inspired by Sen. Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All Act, which is co-sponsored by one-third of U.S. Senate Democrats.

Significant within the AFL-CIO resolution is a call for “retaining a role for workers’ health plans, and retaining the Department of Veterans Affairs health care system as the primary direct provider of fully integrated care to veterans.”

For an indepth look into the AFL-CIO endorsement of Medicare for All, see NATIONAL NURSES UNITED: Nurses Welcome AFL-CIO Call for Medicare for All Resolution Pledges to Make Health Care for All a Reality, from which this information was derived.

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