Local Internet Service Providers (ISPs) Maintain Net Neutrality

local internet providers

If you’re looking for a non-monolithic internet service provider in the environment of a non-neutral internet, there are some alternatives.  Sonic.com is one.

The CEO of Sonic, Dane Jasper, has a reputation of being an avid proponent of net neutrality, and of privacy for his customers. In step with the end of net neutrality, Sonic has recently expanded its gigabit fiber service to include more areas of the East Bay in Oakland, Albany, Kensington, and El Cerrito at a price of $40/month.

Hopefully, as its customer base increases, Sonic will continue to expand its conscientious service to more East Bay areas.

Other local ISPs include:

If interested in a net-neutral local ISP, contacting these options may be the answer.

Please comment below if you know of any local ISPs not listed.

This information was provided in El Cerrito Nextdoor.

2 thoughts on “Local Internet Service Providers (ISPs) Maintain Net Neutrality

    1. I am don’t think AT&T as the liaison connect for the Sonic ISP has influence over the flow of Internet traffic. I think AT&T is basically the fiber optic that routes (or transports) the ISP (internet service provider) onto the worldwide web. From my understanding of the previous FCC ruling that promoted net neutrality, and now the recent ruling that removed it, it is the ISP that has the wherewithal — and now the power — to restrict Internet traffic or allow it to flow.


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