New Legislation Introduced to Protect Net Neutrality in California

Net Neutrality Concept

Ushering in the new year is legislation introduced on January 3rd by Sen. Scott Wiener that targets the protection net neutrality in California.

In response to the recent FCC ruling to remove the net neutrality guarantee of a free and open Internet, California is now counted among states that are seeking ways to secure net neutrality within their jurisdictions.

The legislation proposed by Senator Wiener is co-authored by ten state assembly and senate legislators as a manner of ensuring that telecom companies who offer services in California comply with net neutrality principles.

Sen. Weiner’s proposal is one proposed bill to ensure a free and open Internet in California. Sen. Kevin de Leon is another proposed legislative item.

Substantive legislation is still in process, with the intent of effectively utilizing the state’s authority to require that businesses relying on the state infrastructure or state funding to operate within California maintain free and open Internet access.

As state legislatures formulate bills to ensure net neutrality for their residents, state attorneys general are joining public interest groups and members of Congress to challenge the FCC in federal court. Attorneys general maintain that Congress has the ability to reverse the FCC’s recent federal ruling within 60 legislative days using a simple majority.

Towards that end you can contact your member of Congress now to save net neutrality on the federal level.

For more information on the California legislature’s move to ensure net neutrality for Californians, refer to ELECTRONIC FRONTIER FOUNDATION: California Introduces Its Own Bill to Protect Net Neutrality, the source of this information.

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