Nurses Continue to Promote Single-Payer Healthcare in California

California Nurses Association

A tenacious and highly vocal push towards a California single-payer healthcare system continues as the California Nurses Association (CNA) stridently demonstrates in favor of Healthcare-for-All at the state Capitol. CNA uses dramatic and impacting tactics to advance the single-payer cause. “Shame on you” chants in Capitol hallways and banners regularly unfurled in the Capitol rotunda continuously assail lawmakers as reminders that the push towards single-payer is not going away.

The union also has an impressive social media presence. Executive Director RoseAnn DeMoro counts over 29,000 Twitter followers who receive exposure that amplifies the single-payer issue, mobilizes protesters, and draws crowds.

Some, such as Mike Madrid, Republican principal of the public affairs firm Grassroots Lab, are of the opinion that aggressive promotion is non-productive. “The politicians are afraid of these angry intense grass-roots activists,” says Madrid. “Using fear and intimidation as a tactic in the legislature usually doesn’t get you too far.”

Madrid is also of the opinion that the CNA’s aggressive advocacy for a single-payer health system reflects the current intense political polarization seen around the country — as well as conflicts among members of left-leaning causes.

While the Assembly Democratic caucus has condemned what they called CNA “bullying tactics”, others view CNA’s creative drive to be an earnest and heartfelt tactic that assertively promotes much needed medical coverage for Californians.

CNA tactics do seem to get sought after results, aided by the union’s sizable membership. Joanne Spetz, Health Workforce Research Center Director at UC San Francisco, maintains that much of CNA influence is due to union membership in many areas of California that includes most or all registered nurses.

Many consider CNA, founded in 1903, as always having been assertively enthusiastic in representing its views.

The California Nurses Association, affiliated with National Nurses United, validates its actively determined approach to issues as effective in holding lawmakers accountable to critical issues.

“We’re going to demand that the legislature legislate and move this bill,” states Michael Lighty, director of public policy at California Nurses Association/National Nurses United. 

For more information on the California Nurses Association see CaliforniaHealthline: The Union That Roars: Nurses Aren’t Giving Up On California’s Single-Payer Push, from which this information was gathered. California Healthline correspondent Ana B. Ibarra contributed to this report.

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