Safety First: New Gun Laws in California

gun ownership

In the shadow of gun violence throughout the nation, and in an attempt to advance regulations supported by lawmakers and voters over the past two years, California has brought a new set of restrictions to the 6 million gun owners who reside in the state.

However pending challenges in court, unclear deadlines, and assumed contradictions have left many gun owners uncertain as to the 2018 specifics of gun ownership.

To relieve confusion, The Sacramento Bee has responded to some compelling inquiries from California gun owners, with information on:

  • Whether owning an assault rifle is still allowed
  • Detachable magazines holding more than 10 rounds
  • Buying ammunition from a catalog
  • Whether the ban on direct mail affects ‘reloading’ supplies
  • Whether background checks are required to buy ammunition
  • Whether a special ammunition permit is required in gun use
  • Whether its allowable to import ammunition from another state or location
  • Allowable quantities of ammunition
  • Open-carry on long guns
  • Exceptions to the 2018 California gun regulations

California gun owners and concerned residents can now conduct an online review of answers to these questions, bringing deeper clarity to California gun ownership.

Find further information on gun ownership in California at the CA Department of Justice firearms website.

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