Trump Sues the State of California Over Sanctuary

Sessions announces Trump suit against California_0

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra sees the purpose of law enforcement in the state to be focused on public safety, not deportation

becerra sues sessions

Apparently the Trump administration disagrees.

Escalating a confrontation over whether states have the right to legislate requirements that officials within their jurisdictions decline cooperation with ICE deportation efforts, Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Wednesday announced at a California Peace Officers Association conference (CPOA) that the U.S. Justice Department is suing the state of California over sanctuary law and policies.

Sessions announces Trump suit against California

Attorney General Sessions’ Speech before the California Peace Officers Association

The lawsuit filed in Sacramento federal court on Tuesday, charges three states, one of which is California, with a violation of the U.S. Constitution by establishing sanctuary within their jurisdictions.

Officiating over the Department of Justice under the Trump administration, Attorney General Sessions is committed to ridding the country of undocumented immigrants using sweeping ICE deportations. Sanctuary, being one prime hindrance to that effort, has moved the Trump administration, supported by Sessions, to the point of legal resistance.

Three state laws are the target of the Justice Department’s lawsuit:

  • Assembly Bill 450, prohibits private employers in California from voluntarily cooperating with federal immigration officials.
  • Senate Bill 54, prevents state and local law enforcement from giving federal immigration officials information about when they intend to release an illegal immigrant from their custody.
  • A third law empowers the state to inspect federal immigration detention centers.

gov brown responds to trump sanctuary lawsuit

Governor Jerry Brown and State Attorney General Becerra promised to defend the state against the federal lawsuit.

Gov. Brown stated that the lawsuit is “a political stunt” and declaimed the Trump administration for “basically going to war against the state of California.”

Attorney General Becerra declared that the 10th amendment of the U.S. Constitution “provides California with the right to decline to participate in civil immigration enforcement”.

For further information on the Trump administrations federal suit against the State of California, see BUSINESS INSIDER: Trump administration sues California over ‘sanctuary’ policies, the primary source of this information.


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