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Our first El Cerrito FixIt Clinic took place on June 9. Hosted by El Cerrito Library, and co-sponsored by the ECP Environmental Quality Committee, the clinic embodied two of our important values:  Caring for People and the Planet.

Multi-talented people from the local community and as far away as Hayward, volunteered to help people troubleshoot and possibly repair items that they brought to the clinic.

The enthusiasm, persistence at problem-solving, learning together, and humor, was palpable all afternoon. Over 30 items were brought in, including toaster ovens, water boiling pots, hedge clippers, weed whacker, vintage record players, bike lights, music box, pencil sharpener, CD players, staplers, 3-hole punches, laundry drying rack, shredder, laptops, backpacks, a favorite old clock, an old-fashioned timer, chair and more.


Together with their FixIt Coaches, many “customers” were able to learn how to diagnose and repair their items.  Customers whose items could not be repaired were nevertheless very grateful for the opportunity to work with a coach to learn how to take apart their items and see how they worked.

We are especially grateful to the 13 volunteer coaches, our co-sponsors, and fellow El Cerrito Progressive members for their support. It was such a wonderful experience, we plan to organize another one in the fall!

Barbara Chan, Howdy Goudy, Robin Mitchell, Anne Ogonowski
ECP Environmental Justice Committee

One thought on “The Fixit Clinic

  1. Hello, will you be able to send an email in advance about this when it happens in the Fall? For some reason I didn’t know about it 😦


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