El Cerrito SHOWS UP!


El Cerrito SHOWS UP!

Every Thursday
6PM – 7PM
El Cerrito Plaza
Intersection of San Pablo Ave & Carlson Ave. 

As we witness the exponential rise of hatred and violence that has in the past few years come out of the shadows, we are determined to show up for our values and for one another.

We call on you to join in, as we become one voice in our local community.

We hold a weekly gathering at a prominent location in El Cerrito where we can remind people how quickly fascism takes hold when people look the other way or think ‘it can’t happen here. We gather every Wednesday at 6 pm.

Please join us at our ‘Show Up’ every Wednesday evening, at the west entrance to El Cerrito Plaza, intersection of San Pablo Ave & Carlson Ave. We meet on the side nearest to Daiso. If there are enough of us some can stand on other corners.

Our goals are to create a significant community presence to speak out in favor of equality, justice, inclusiveness and more. We say NO to hatred, racism, white supremacy and nationalism, bigotry, and anti-Semitism.

You can bring your own sign with your own words expressing what you stand for and against. Use BIG lettering so people in cars can see! We’ll also have sign-making materials. We will assemble lawfully and won’t block the sidewalk. All locations we select will be wheelchair-accessible. To participate you must commit to non-violent and respectful conduct.

All are welcome, family-friendly!

Sponsored By: El Cerrito Shows Up speaks out for equality and against hatred and bigotry.

6 thoughts on “El Cerrito SHOWS UP!

  1. I tried to reach Margaret and couldn’t. The website says we will rally from 6 to 7 on WEDNESDAY.

    Can you change it?

    Helen >


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