Congressman Mark DeSaulnier Announces Halt to Concord Detention Center

No Concord Detention

On Thursday, June 28, Congressman Mark DeSaulnier (11th Congressional District) announced that the much decried immigration detention center at the former Naval Weapons Station in Concord has been halted.

Initial unofficial news first surfaced the former Wednesday at a city council meeting.

“There will be no relocation camps in Concord or California,” said Guy Bjerke, Concord’s Director of Community Reuse Planning.

On the following Thursday Congressman DeSaulnier announced:

“Currently, Concord Naval Weapons Station land is owned by the Department of Defense. In order to house any facility to detain immigrants, the Department of Defense would have to provide approval. I have received verbal confirmation from the Department of Defense that it has not been asked to host a detention facility at Concord Naval Weapons Station, at this time. We must continue to remain vigilant as the Trump Administration’s policies create the need for more detention centers. We will also be pushing the Navy to fulfill its obligation to transfer the weapons station to Concord effectively eliminating it as a future option [for detention]. I am thankful to Concord and the community for their leadership and support in stopping this effort.”

Yet again progressive civic action by a composite concerned community, in concert with officials who listen and respond, has brought results in favor of human rights and protections.

To see the script of Congressman Desaulnier’s official announcement, click:  Congressman DeSaulnier Receives DoD Confirmation Concord Naval Weapons Station Not Currently Being Considered For Detention Facility

Find further information on this story at ABC 7 News, Congressman DeSaulnier: Plans for Concord immigration center officially halted

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