Tenants Tell Your Stories!

apartment rental
How much do you think this apartment can rent for in El Cerrito?

The housing market is booming for homeowners while tenants face skyrocketing rent increases in El Cerrito.  At a recent El Cerrito City Council Meeting, Human Rights Commissioner Makalia Aga reported that she and other seniors living in a property on Liberty Street were facing a rent increase of 20%.

 El Cerrito Progressive members met with the Aissia Ashoori, Housing Analyst for the City of El Cerrito to discuss tenant protections and potential actions including rent stabilization, just cause eviction protection and a moratorium on rental increase while setting plans in place.   Ms. Ashoori is continuing to seek out input from residents to shape further action.

Listening Session on Affordable Housing Rent Scheduled for Tuesday, August 21st at 7:00 p.m.           City Hall

Please contact us if you would like to share your story about your experience as a renter in El Cerrito.



3 thoughts on “Tenants Tell Your Stories!

  1. Do you know what percentage of rentals in EC are owned and managed by small mom-and-pop landlords? Do you know what the average rents of such rentals are? Do you know if all small-time landlords (as opposed to corporate or developer-owned large or newer units) “scalp” their tenants? If not, what percentage of those landlords maintain reasonable rents for their tenants, and what percentage tend to jack rents up? This information is virtually never known, let alone included in any dialogue. Instead, ALL rents of ALL landlords are hitting the ceiling. I think you might be surprised to know that that is not the case, not by a long-shot.


  2. Thank you Elizabeth for your comment. Indeed, we appreciate the number of individual landlords who approach housing as a service, rather than an investment for profiteering. Unfortunately, there are the multi-units in our city, particularly below Central Ave. that are considered to be an investors “dream”. As a result, longtime renters are being forced out of their home and their city. They need protection. Apparently there are not enough “mom and pop” units for rent in our community. Please come to the listening session on August 21st at 7:00p.m. at City Hall. Let’s see how we can keep our residents in the city!


  3. Live near the recycling center and there water leakage through the roof and walls and rodent damage makes it worse. I don’t wanna get kicked out, but help dealing with the issues would be nice.


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