Local Voter Registration Drive Begins


Friends, we invite you to join the  El Cerrito Progressives’ Voter Registration Drive! The work will take place between Labor Day weekend and October 22, the deadline for registrants wanting to use a mail-in or polling-place regular ballot. Later registrants will have to use a provisional ballot.

We plan to set up tables at high-traffic locations such as Farmers’ Market, Ranch99, etc.  We also plan to canvass door-to-door in precincts with low voter registration rates in El Cerrito and Richmond Annex. Teams of 2 or more will be able to set their own schedules for this door-to-door work. The canvassing promises more voter engagement and education opportunities.

If you’ve never registered voters before, or if you’d like to go over the instructions including on-line options, please open this Doodle Poll and select your first (one click) and second choices (2 clicks) for times to attend training. There will be 2 beginners’ trainings offered on the most popular of these dates. Just click or copy and paste this link into your browser:


If you have training and experience in registering voters, or if you’ve signed up for the beginners’ training above, please go to this poll and select your first (one click) and second (2 clicks) choices for this training. We expect to give the training on only one date. This training will include strategies for ongoing engagement  including post carding, distributing the EC Progressive Scorecard and other voter information resources, accessing the on-line registration verification option, and most important, messaging strategies found most effective with uneducated, uninvolved, alienated potential voters as well as voters who may not agree with you on issues.


Even if you have limited time for registration activities, please consider taking one or both trainings to make you a more effective advocate and citizen.

For those of you who want to work as a poll worker or poll observer, watch for a follow-up email with information about the Contra Costa County Registrar’s community meetings, and poll worker trainings.

Please respond before Wednesday, August 15.


Landry Wildwind, Elections Committee,

El Cerrito Progressives

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