El Cerrito Progressives Candidate Scorecard

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How do voters gather information about candidates to make the best ballot choices? We can attend candidate forums, watch videos, and read candidates’ websites. We can also ask candidates questions directly.

This is exactly what El Cerrito Progressives, a group of El Cerrito residents, did. We crafted 10 questions for our Assembly District 15 and 10 for El Cerrito City Council candidates. Questions were informed by three policy areas of our group’s particular interest: social and racial justice, environmental justice, and affordable housing. We scored the responses based on how closely they match our progressive policy agenda. You can find ECP Policy Statement for reference.  Our scores are based solely on the candidates’ responses.

El Cerrito Progressives does not endorse candidates and are providing this information as a service to help the community be informed voters.

ECP feels it is important to learn about candidates’ positions at the local level, where less information is available. We are very disappointed that City Council Member and current Mayor Gabriel Quinto did not take the time to explain his positions on issues important to the residents of El Cerrito. His lack of responsiveness raises questions about his receptiveness towards working with and for his constituents.

We also have developed an impartial assessment of Measure V The City Charter/Real Estate Tax Measure. That is found here Measure V- Why become a Charter City-    

We are providing this information to assist residents in being informed voters.  We did not take any endorsement positions on Measure V or or any candidates. We encourage everyone to do their own research about all candidates and measures on the November ballot. We hope our Scorecard is one useful source of information.


0 = Responded in a manner that did not address the issue

1 = Less than 25% in alignment with stated ECP policy positions

2 =  25%+ in alignment

3  50%+ in alignment

4  75%+ in alignment

5  100% in alignment

We didn’t score several questions because they were about issues that ECP had not yet taken a position on.

Assembly District 15

Jovanka Beckles Score 30/35

Buffy Wicks Score 34/35

35 maximum possible score

Click here for the full list of questions and answers. Assembly Candidate Answers


El Cerrito City Council

Janet Abelson  Score 18/45

Gabriel Quinto (no response)

45 possible maximum score

Click here for the full list of questions and answers. City Council Candidate Answers

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