Volunteers Giving Free Rides to the Poll on Election Day (El Cerrito Area)

Free Rides to the Polls on November 6th (1) 

If you live in El Cerrito, Kensington, Albany, North Berkeley (to University Ave), Richmond Annex or Richmond, El Cerrito Progressives is coordinating a team of volunteer drivers on Election Day, November 6, to provide a ride to your own polling place and back.

To arrange for a ride, just text: 510-883-4526. Ordering a ride in advance is recommended, since rides will  be on a first-ask-first-serve basis. Please give the address where you need to be picked up, and list a time, preferably on the hour or half-hour. You’ll get a text in reply with details as to who will be picking you up and what time. Please spread the word to workers, elders and community centers!

2 thoughts on “Volunteers Giving Free Rides to the Poll on Election Day (El Cerrito Area)”

  1. Hi Lyft and uber r giving free rides on election day. Phone banking and canvassing needs more volunteers to get the progressive vote out. Cheers Roshi Sirjani Volunteer canvass leader modesto ca, El cerrito resident

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