Tenant Protections Under Attack in El Cerrito – Update

petitionOn May 21st, after several public meetings and months of back and forth of proposals between City Council and staff, Mayor Pardue-Okimoto and Council members Fadelli and Lyman voted in favor of a Just Cause for Eviction Ordinance and a Rent Registry Ordinance.  The text of both these ordinances can be found here as well as historical background:El Cerrito New Tenant Protections

On May 26th paid signature gatherers were spotted at Lucky’s and the following day at the BART station, seeking to rescind the two ordinances.  Who is paying for this effort? According to a Next Door posting from our Mayor, “The Apartment Association is spending $10,000 to collect signatures to bring the Just Cause for Eviction Ordinance to a public vote. Please know that your signature could help to repeal this ordinance. The paid signature collectors have been using misinformation such as the council decided this behind closed doors.”

Apparently CAA is stooping to new lows in framing the discussion about Just Cause for Eviction.A local resident wrote in to describe his encounter with a signature gatherer at Lucky’s. When approached he asked what the petition was for and the signature gatherer replied, “it’s to make El Cerrito safer”.  He proceeded to ask what it actually would do and he said “It would make it easier to keep criminals out of our community.”

Please – DO NOT SIGN if you want to keep the tenant protections. 

fakerThis signature gatherer approached me at the El Cerrito Natural Grocery and asked me to sign a petition to put rent control for El Cerrito on the ballot.  He claims to be a Green Party member who said he is supporting rent control.  Please note. He is being paid $5 an hour and he is actually trying to get signatures to rescind the Just Cause for Eviction Ordinance.

The local Contra Costa CAA Chapter is vehemently opposed to any type of tenant protections, including Just Cause for Evictions and Rent Stabilization, as well as the Rent Registry for the collection of data on the rental market.  They are armed with an arsenal of dollars to organize and advocate for the landlords, encroaching on discussions that should rightfully include renters, the victims of displacement in the booming housing market.

To learn more about the new Tenant Protections and your rights as a renter:

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One thought on “Tenant Protections Under Attack in El Cerrito – Update

  1. Enough of this rent control! The real problem is the shortage of housing caused by city and state regulations. You people only make the matter worse.


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