How to Expunge Your Signature From the CAA Petition

ECP is learning of more reports from residents who are having interactions with CAA signature gatherers.   Thus far residents have been told to sign to 1) get rent control on the ballot in El Cerrito, 2) get Just Cause for Eviction on the ballot, 3) keep criminals from moving into El Cerrito and 4) stop crime.  What voters are not being told is simply the truth.  Signature gatherers fail to read the name of the ordinance which simple states:  REFERENDUM AGAINST AN ORDINANCE PASSED BY THE CITY COUNCIL

The California Elections Code Section 9602 specifically allows people who have signed a petition to submit a request to have their signature removed. The effect of a withdrawal request, if properly submitted, is that it will be subtracted from the count of signatures on the petition. For example, if CAA submits a petition with 1600 valid signatures, and 50 people who validly signed the petition submit withdrawal requests, the final count of valid signatures would be 1550.

For a withdrawal request to be valid, it must be in writing and include the person’s signature so that it can be matched to the one on the referendum petition. Additionally, it must be submitted to the City Clerk prior to the referendum proponents submitting the petition. People desiring to have their signatures removed should therefore do so as quickly as possible.

Requests postmarked prior to but received after the petition is filed will not be accepted. b. Scanned/emailed or faxed copies of the signed statement are acceptable, electronic signatures are not.

Sample letter to Request removal of name:

Dear City Clerk of El Cerrito,

My name is _______and I live at ___________in El Cerrito.  Please withdraw my signature from the petition about the referendum against the Just Cause for Eviction Ordinance signed on ____________.


(Your name as it appears on your voter registration)



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