The American Bar Association Denounces Brutal Conditions at Child Detention Centers

“Inhumane and illegal,” a violation of ‘human decency,’ are two expressions used by American Bar Association (ABA) President Bob Carlson.

In an official statement on June 25, Carlson joined civil libertarians and human rights organizations in an impassioned denunciation of the conditions children undergo in immigration detention centers at the U.S./Mexico border as a violation of U.S. law as well as a contempt for “common decency.”

Child border detention centers

As critics have previously disclosed, Carlson’s statement cited “overcrowded facilities that lack the most basic of human necessities”. He also asserted, “The American Bar Association is appalled by credible reports of hundreds of children being held in unsafe and unhealthy conditions in violation of federal and state law, court settlements and common decency.”

In the core of his statement Carlson declared, “The ABA calls on federal authorities to immediately end this inhumane and illegal treatment of children and provide attorney access to facilities operated by U.S. Customs and Border Protection.”

“We urge Congress to pass supplemental appropriations to ensure the appropriate treatment and care of unaccompanied immigrant children in government custody,” Carlson stated. “And we call on the Administration to enforce laws and settlements that guarantee humane, minimal standards of care for vulnerable children no matter how they arrived in our country.”

CBS News provides details that support Bob Carlson’s claims in the following video.

US child detenion center.JPG

Inspectors say kids detained at Texas border center without adequate food, water

If you are concerned about the treatment of children in U.S./Mexico border detention centers, you can follow this story further in related articles below. Much of the information in this particular account was taken from Alternet: American Bar Association decries ‘inhumane and illegal’ conditions at child detention centers: A violation of ‘common decency’

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