Meet the Author-David Bacon

DATE: Saturday, October 12th

TIME: 3:30-5:30 PM

PLACE: Berkeley Zion Presbyterian Church, 545 Ashbury Ave., El Cerrito

Photo-journalist, activist and photographer David Bacon will be speaking on several of his books addressing the plight of farmworkers in the U.S. and around the globe. His work provides insights into the roots of immigration from Central America and Mexico to the United States. He documents the experiences of some of the hardest-working and most disenfranchised laborers in the country: the farm workers who are responsible for making California “America’s breadbasket.” . Bacon will discuss the inherent abuse in the labor contractor work system, and remind us that the struggle in the fields for justice is far from over. In his latest book, (available at the event) David Bacon will remind you that the food that appears on our dinner tables is the result of back-breaking labor, rampant exploitation, and powerful resilience. Reserve tickets at this link: Event is ADA accessible and free parking in lot on side of building. This event is sponsored by El Cerrito Progressives. For more information contact by email: or call/text 510-734-8883


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