Budget Woes in El Cerrito Amidst A World Pandemic

City Council to consider $2,000,000 cuts for 2020 budget.

It’s difficult to write or think about “business as usual” while the messaging sweeping across the nation leads with the Corona Virus – and rightfully so. Today, our city officials, cancelled public functions and closed programs throughout the city in an effort to responsibly respond to the health crisis facing our community and communities throughout the world.

El Cerritans, we do have another crisis and it will not simply go away. Our city is desperately underfunded, with limited reserves for any type of emergency, and as much as City staff has minimized the threat in the last two years, the time to act is now. Next week the City Council will be meeting on March 17th to begin discussion on making a 2 million dollar reduction to the 2021 budget. For more details on the history of this crisis, please follow the blog post from the El Cerrito Committee for Responsible Government.https://elcerritocommitteeforresponsiblegovernment.com/blog-2/

Due to the Corona Virus, the Council meeting will be limited to no more than 40 community members in attendance and individuals over the age of 50 or with underlying health conditions will be prohibited from the meeting. We urge all residents to watch on line at home. Please open the following document for complete information and access to online broadcasting of the meeting.

This is a time to come together to support our elected officials in making some difficult decisions. As progressives, we believe that cuts need to be made with consideration of our families and the most vulnerable in our community. Please join the conversation, watch the meeting and send your feedback to the City Council and the City Manager. Below is a flyer with more information as to how you can move forward.

One thought on “Budget Woes in El Cerrito Amidst A World Pandemic

  1. Hi sheri How r u? Let me know if u need anything we live super close by. Also this is what we wrote for extinction rebellion response to covid-19

    @here dear friends this is what we posted today on our facebook adressed to the public, re covid-19 from XRSFBay Area:

    Dear Community,

    The Extinction Rebellion San Francisco Bay Chapter is sending love to those across the world impacted by COVID-19 and their families. These times call for strengthened resilience and mutual aid. This is a global crisis, which, similar to the deadly crisis of climate change, requires a global response at individual, family, community, city, region, state, country and international levels. We have the responsibility to take personal accountability for our actions by staying at home to limit cross-contamination risk, as well as the opportunity to create resilient social structures and mutual aid infrastructure that we can continue to grow to address the climate crisis (mortality rate of 80% of all life on earth on our current trajectory). Stay tuned via our email list (sign up here) and facebook page for ways to participate in the movement while you are staying safe at home.

    1. Health and safety come first, we encourage everyone to be responsible. Even if you do not feel sick, you could still be a carrier so we must each take precautions to protect those more vulnerable through self quarantine and social distancing. Similar to the impacts of climate change disproportionately impacting global frontline communities who create the least CO2 emissions, the burden is unjustly distributed. Those with the privilege of being young and healthy should take extra responsibility to try and protect more vulnerable communities from negative impact.

    2. XRSFBay, like our other allies, is altering how we meet and rally in order to protect public health while continuing to push for climate action, disrupt business as usual and build the climate movement. We are shifting to a digital strategy and we’ll be continuing targeted actions to escalate the #StopTheMoneyPipeline and #CutTheChaseChallenge campaign. Our current focus is coalition building, strengthening our roots and mycelial networks leading up to the 50th anniversary of earth day in April 2020.

    3. This challenge is a test for how we can proactively prepare for future emergencies. We are struck by the fragility of our social and economic systems. Extinction Rebellion SF Bay Area stands in solidarity with our sisters and brothers who have experienced racist attacks. We consider this crisis a fire drill for climate catastrophe. Imagine natural disasters, sea level rise, collapsing institutions and increases in mosquito borne diseases caused by climate change all wreaking havoc on society at the same time. This is an opportunity for us to build resiliency and mutual aid that will be critical for the climate crisis. The world must act on climate with the same urgency that we are reacting to COVID-19. This threat requires resilient social structures which is also what we need to reverse climate change.

    Stay tuned for online trainings with topics such as: how to keep hope alive personally in this time of crisis; health resilience; neighborhood support and keeping up our goals and tasks in this challenging time. Be kind to each other. Onward, Rebels!

    With Ferocious Love, XRSFBay

    Please enjoy Ella’s Song: “We Who Believe in Freedom Cannot Rest Until it Comes” Origin: Ella Baker, civil rights activist, which inspired the Sweet Honey in the Rock song.

    And don’t forget to get on our email list if you’re not already!



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