As we watched the horror of George Floyd take his last breath – we must speak out against police violence.  And we know this is not a single incident but a systemic issue. We know this because Amy Cooper, a white woman using white privilege threatened to call the police on a black man, knowing full well that such a call could lead to the tragic outcome of death, because it has happened so many times before. 

 Now we see our society in chaos, and as our Governor stated in recent days, we have failed black people and we have failed people of color.  Our system of justice does not work for all, only for some.  It is time for us to interrupt racism and the silence that makes us complicit when we don’t speak out. We shall not be complicit in a system that places value in white lives over people of color.  

We invite you to stand in solidarity with those who are seeking justice for the George Floyds that have passed through our world prematurely- who leave behind families and friends- who might have been your brother or sister or cousin. Who might be here today if they were white.  

El Cerrito Progressives invite you to End White Silence by joining community members on Thursday, June 4th at 5:30p.m. in front of City Hall and the Police Department along San Pablo Ave. The action will be following the health guidelines under our City regulations.  Standing areas will be marked 6 feet apart and all attendees are required to wear a mask.  We will also have a caravan for those who prefer to be in a car.  Cars will be meeting at the DMV and circling the immediate area. We encourage people to bring a sign that reads END WHITE SILENCE. 

For a pdf copy of this graphic for you car etc please click here.

Another local resource to support and learn more about the issue of police violence: https://www.antipoliceterrorproject.org/

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