CALL TO ACTION: Police and Human Relations Commission Convene virtual public meetings on July 1st

For the first time since March 16th COVID shutdown, the City of El Cerrito found the technology to hold a virtual meeting where the public can actually speak. All previous City Council meetings required public comment to be in email form, with a silent audience. Thanks to many who have emailed the City Manager and Mayor as well as the Police Chief, two virtual meetings will take place on Wednesday July 1st. Below is a brief summary and link. Please participate.

Photo Credit: Nancy J. Rubin

Human Relations Commission (HRC) and Environmental Quality Commission (EQC) meet at 1:00pm on July 1st. They will be discussing a joint statement on the killing of George Floyd as well as future actions. Public comment is an opportunity for you to make a statement and/or request. ECP is asking for a Listening Session on Racism in El Cerrito. Modeled much like the town hall held by the City of Albany, CA, the town hall format makes space for community voices to speak to issues of race with a degree of confidentiality and without judgement. To attend the meeting at one, please use this link:

The El Cerrito Police Department will hold a virtual town hall on Wednesday July 1 from 4-6 pm. Unlike the HRC/EQC meeting, this format will be open for more than public comment. We encourage participants to come with questions or stories about their own interactions with police, thoughts on the police budget during a $5.5 million dollars budget shortfall, alternatives to policing and or general questions about current operations. We are attaching the following links to help prepare participants.

Annual ECPD Report- good overview of stats, budget, etc..but clearly areas of information missing.

Link to the petition for El Cerrito Police Oversight- please sign

Link to access the meeting of ECPD Town hall:

CALL TO ACTION- THURSDAY, July 2nd, 5:30pm CARAVAN TO AFFIRM BLM- No Justice No Peace – Silence is Violence

Join neighbors and friends in a safe and socially distanced caravan through El Cerrito. A new route is planned and we think you will find this one to be extremely robust! Bring signs, pots and pans and make some noise. This is a family event! Bikers are also welcome. We cannot celebrate freedom if we are not all free…so as we approach the 4th of July resolve to continue to uplift the voices from around the nation, and around the world. We will also have information about Town Hall outcomes and want to hear from you about next steps.

Photo Credit: Nancy J. Rubin

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