City Seeking Applicants Tenant Protections Task Force

El Cerrito Progressives encourages resident tenant and landlords to consider applying for a temporary task force to advise the city on tenant protections.   What policies can be put into place to prevent the displacement of our residents, many of whom are with limited income or fixed income and others who are of moderate income but are now reaching their limit of affordability, paying over 35%-50% of their monthly income toward rent?

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El Cerrito Shows UP

@MaryMartinDeShaw-0063-X3Join your neighbors and friends on Thursday, August 9th from 6-7 p.m. at the San Pablo Entrance to the El Cerrito Plaza – Demand Justice for Families!

Last week dozens of community residents gathered at a busy intersection to amplify the voices of those who are locked away in detention facilities across the country – many separated from their children.  Although the national media stations have reduced their coverage of the atrocious “family separation” policy, there are still over 700 children separated and isolated from family. Please stand up for these children.  Watch the live feed from the DeSaulnier Town Hall. He describes his own experience in Brownsville, Texas where he met with many of those families experiencing  grief and trauma as a result of current administration policies.

See you on Thursday, August 9th.  Bring a sign – we are a human billboard!