Bake for Bonds hurdles past $10,000 goal!

Bake for Bonds Raises $10,451

Beautifully decorated Bake for Bonds table at the Kensington Market with community volunteers. Final tally raised for bond funds to support immigrants is $10,541

Update on Bake for Bonds

Bake for Bonds, now completing its third and final weekend, raised $8,200 as of Saturday, September 1st.  Organizers set a goal of $10,000 for funds to help immigrants transferred from West County Detention Center to private prisons out of state.  With a strong supportive community, organizers predict success at the end of Sunday.  Please join the campaign and buy some baked goods for a good cause. Find Bake for Bonds at Trader Joes in El Cerrito Plaza and Kensington Farmers Market from 10Am to 2PM. day1bakesale

Bake for Bonds launches the first weekend of bake sales – almost $500 raised in 4 hours.  Day 2 promises to be even greater – more sites and a 1-1 match for every dollar raised!

When El Cerrito Progressives launched a local effort to support the coalition of organizations raising funds for a Bay Area bond fund to support local ICE detainees, the outpouring of support heartened us all.  In addition to raising $3,000 within the first 10 days, a local neighbor donated funds and  suggested a city wide bake sale.  With a quick Canva graphic, catchy title and a bit of social media, neighbors came together to launch three weekends of scrumptious treats to be sold at some well traversed spots in our city. Don’t miss your chance to support a good cause.

Find us every weeekend.jpg

Local Voter Registration Drive Begins


Friends, we invite you to join the  El Cerrito Progressives’ Voter Registration Drive! The work will take place between Labor Day weekend and October 22, the deadline for registrants wanting to use a mail-in or polling-place regular ballot. Later registrants will have to use a provisional ballot.

We plan to set up tables at high-traffic locations such as Farmers’ Market, Ranch99, etc.  We also plan to canvass door-to-door in precincts with low voter registration rates in El Cerrito and Richmond Annex. Teams of 2 or more will be able to set their own schedules for this door-to-door work. The canvassing promises more voter engagement and education opportunities.

If you’ve never registered voters before, or if you’d like to go over the instructions including on-line options, please open this Doodle Poll and select your first (one click) and second choices (2 clicks) for times to attend training. There will be 2 beginners’ trainings offered on the most popular of these dates. Just click or copy and paste this link into your browser:

If you have training and experience in registering voters, or if you’ve signed up for the beginners’ training above, please go to this poll and select your first (one click) and second (2 clicks) choices for this training. We expect to give the training on only one date. This training will include strategies for ongoing engagement  including post carding, distributing the EC Progressive Scorecard and other voter information resources, accessing the on-line registration verification option, and most important, messaging strategies found most effective with uneducated, uninvolved, alienated potential voters as well as voters who may not agree with you on issues.

Even if you have limited time for registration activities, please consider taking one or both trainings to make you a more effective advocate and citizen.

For those of you who want to work as a poll worker or poll observer, watch for a follow-up email with information about the Contra Costa County Registrar’s community meetings, and poll worker trainings.

Please respond before Wednesday, August 15.


Landry Wildwind, Elections Committee,

El Cerrito Progressives

Threat of deportation breaks families apart in our community – you can help

UPDATE:  El Cerrito Progressives raised thus far, $2,882 for bond funds to assist detainees at West County Detention Facility.  With 57 donors, 134 shares and 1,039 views, our community comes together.  We are not finished.  Please, if you are not one of the donors, you still have the opportunity to give.  Click the link below.

The Sheriff of Contra Costa County is ending its contract with ICE. There are over 148 detainees currently at the West County Detention Facility in Richmond that need funds to meet their bond requirement. The bonds average $5,000-$15,000. In addition, there are some local detainees that need to be returned to the Bay Area. Time is critical. The contract ends in 120 days and ICE has already started some transfers. We don’t just want the contract ended we want the detainees to be free on bond to pursue their cases with family support.

All donations will go directly to the West County Detention Facility Community Fund.
This is a partnership between Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity, Freedom for Immigrants and the Contra Costa County Immigrant Rights Alliance.
Funds are managed by Freedom for Immigrants.

Individuals can make a difference. We want to bail out at least one of these detainees.


El Cerrito Residents Demand Justice for Families Separated at the Border

IMG_1790 (1)El Cerrito Shows Up Sends a Message to Officials

When the Trump administration instituted a Zero Tolerance Policy at our southern border, the policy resulted in the criminalization of refugees.  Mothers and fathers were placed in detention, and their children were taken from them.  The family separation policy traumatized mothers, fathers, children, and really, most of America.  For weeks, the news interviewed anguished men and women who wondered where their children had been taken; the government dropped a veil of secrecy over the processing at the border; and top officials were unable to get answers from the Department of Homeland Security.  Thankfully, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) sued the Trump Administration and a Federal Court judge ordered the Trump Administration to reunify the 3,000 children with their parents.  The judge expected the Administration to complete the reunification effort by Thursday, July 26, 2018.

The Trump administration faltered on the court order, claiming that some parents did not qualify to be reunited, while other parents had already been deported –without their children.  To most immigrant right activists as well as residents and officials, it seemed evident the administration implemented a tragic policy with no clear plan to address the consequences.  Tracking down the children, required a system that had clearly been an afterthought, if any thought at all.   When the Trump Administration failed to meet the court order, local residents had something to say.

El Cerrito Shows Up, a weekly action organized by local activists, meets every Thursday from 6:00 to 7:00 PM  at the El Cerrito Plaza entrance on San Pablo.  Residents make creative signs,

Click the link to watch the news coverage by Univision and aired throughout the country.Broadcast of El Cerrito residents protest


Bake for Bonds

Bake for BONDS El Cerrito Progressives is supporting a grassroots community initiative to support West County Detainees threatened with deportation from our county.  If you are interested in being part of a city-wide bake sale please contact us at email:   or    Although we have already collected over 50 volunteers to bake or staff tables, we welcome more!

Families Belong Together-Show UP! Thursday 7/26/2018

Rally at El Cerrito Plaza (San Pablo Entrance), 6-7pm, Thursday July 26.

On Thursday, July 26th the Trump administration will be facing its deadline to reunite the 3,000 children who were forcibly separated from their families.  Let’s show support for those families as we have been doing every week.  Join hundreds in voicing your opposition to family separation, ICE detention camps and the continued violation of refugee rights.  This event will be filled with songs, slogans and much more. We will be a HUMAN BILLBOARD visible on all streets surrounding the El Cerrito Plaza.  This is a family event!  Bring your signs or make one at our sign making station.