No Justice No Peace! Say His Name-George Floyd-Black Lives Matter-Defund Police-End White Silence- Reimagine Public Safety-Invest in Communities Not Police-End Police Violence!

On Thursday, June 11th El Cerrito turned out in mass driving cars, riding bikes and on foot to continue to support the Black Lives Matter movement and the call to end police violence. Organizers were overwhelmed with the numbers of cars-well over 150, and the caravan slowly traversed the southern part of El Cerrito, headed toward the hills and eventually wound its way down to City Hall. Although many of the cars continued to home destinations upon reaching the end site, other folks remained for a short Q and A about the city, the police budget and community services.

According to recent statistics released by Together We Will Contra Costa, the El Cerrito Police Department represents 25% of the city’s overall budget. Although this is on the lower end for Contra Costa cities, this percentage will increase. Recommendations from the City Manager Karen Pinkos to cut the budget may in fact result in the PD taking a bigger piece of the budget–unless we speak out!

We will continue to hold weekly caravans and plan to look forward to improving on the logistics for next Thursday. Please note we have a route posted below, cars will be moving no faster than 10mph, and bicyclists will be assisting with traffic flow to ensures that the caravan remains in tact. Join us in the display of support.

ECP is currently working on both a community survey regarding policing in our city as well as a list of demands for greater police accountability. We will have more information for you by Thursday.

CALL TO ACTION: CARAVAN to support Black Lives Matter on June 18th at 5:30pm

For more information or to help volunteer with this event: Contact ECP at 510-734-8883